Affiliate Software Questions

What is Affiliate Tracking?

Affiliate tracking is the management and tracking of marketing activities by a company’s affiliates. Brands use special affiliate tracking software to track the number of clicks and sales that each affiliate generates, and pay out referal commissions at the agreed commission level.

How to get an affiliate link for tracking?

You get an affiliate link for tracking using affiliate progam software which generates an ID for every affiliate to use and append to a landing page.

How do you make an affiliate tracking code?

You make an affiliate tracking code using affiliate tracking software which creates a unique ID for every affiliate so you can track who is driving the most traffic and conversions for your business.

What Software Does Clickfunnels use for Affiliate Tracking?

Clickfunnels has created its own proprietary affiliate tracking software called Backpack. You can check out our review of it here.

How to place a tracking code on an affiliate url?

Some affiliate tracking software programs enable you to add your affiliate ID code to any page on a company’s website.
The best example of this is Affiliate WP where you simply add your ID to the end of any URL. For example
 if I wanted to add my affiliate ID 69 to this blog post
 the generator will simply append it as