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Impact Radius Review & Pricing

Impact by Radius (formerly Impact Radius) enables companies to consolidate their partnerships (such as managing influencers alongside traditional affiliates) on a single intelligent software platform. Below is our impartial impact radius review.

Impact Radius simplifies the process of recruiting, tracking, and paying all of your partners. Huge companies are now using the platform such as Coinbase, as well as well know marketing automation SaaS companies such as Drip or Leadpages.

Brands working with affiliate marketers get to enjoy next generation insights and workflows for managing their sites, bloggers and ecommerce partners. Companies focussing on influencer marketing can truly price the true value each partner contributes to a sale.

Below are some of the features of Impact by Radius:

  • Dynamic Payouts – contract management workflows to schedule disbursements that give the ability to pay more for new customers, less for different categories of products or create a tiered payout structure to incentivize partners to increase their traffic or recruit sub-affiliates.
  • Marketplace – companies can search and recruit from over 800,000 potential partners in Impact’s marketplace as well as identify which are currently working with their competition
  • Migration Assistance – the ability to access their team of experts to migrate affiliates from your existing affiliate network to their partner platform.
  • Impact Deeplinking chrome extension that enables you to visit any page on the advertiser’s site you are signed up with and generate a paid link

Impact Radius affiliate Signup Process

New affiliates get greeted with this sign up page. If they already have an account as are already promoting other merchants who use the Impact platform they can simply click the button ‘I already have an account’.

Impact gives companies the ability to set different terms on signup payments vs transactional payments. With Coinbase, they selected $0 payments for signup but 50% payments for the first 3 months for transactions:

Impact Radius Marketplace

Once affiliates are signed up they can visit the ‘Brands’ section inside their dashboard and find other offers to promote. There is a handy ‘New Brands’ section that lists well known companies such as Wealth Front and Lastpass along with a summary of their payout.

Impact Radius Pricing

Impact does not provide pricing information on their site, instead you need to Request a demo.

How Does Affiliate Tracking Work?

Affiliate software products give companies an ability to reliably track which affiliate sent traffic that generated a sale, in real-time. They also give affiliates the ability to reliably assess how successful their different affiliate campaigns are performing.

The most common ways these software companies track are through cookies.

A company gives its affiliates a tracking link which comes with a unique affiliate ID. When a potential customer (who the affiliate sends) clicks on their link, the affiliate ID is stored on their browser as a cookie for a short period of time, such as 30 days.

This means that even if the customer does not initially purchase but comes back a week later to complete the purchase, the person is still attributed to the original affiliate ID, sometimes even if a 2nd affiliate reaches out to the same person who clicks.

In order for this magic to work, a conversion pixel is placed on the companies thank you page that loads when a customer has purchased. As such, when a person clicks through an affiliate link and eventually reaches the confirmation page, the pixel tracks this event within the affiliate software being used as a sale or lead.

Cookies are normally only tracked within the specific browser, so if the person completes the transaction in a different browser, it will not be tracked. However some companies with proprietary affiliate software such as Clickfunnels can create sticky cookies which allows their affiliates to get affiliate commission whenever they send a new offer to their customers (explained below).

Refersion vs LeadDyno Comparison

This is our comparison of LeadDyno vs Refersion post – you can find our Refersion review here and our Lead Dyno review here.

According to the technology search engine Datanyze, Refersion is currently running on twice as many websites as Lead Dyno – but does that make it best?

Well according to Lead Dyno it’s not even close as in the video below!

Both software affiliate products share the accolade of being the highest rated apps on the Shopify store, however what they don’t share is their pricing model.

Refersion‘s pricing is based on the number of affiliate generated sales whereas Lead Dyno prices on your monthly traffic.

Put another way, Refersion has unlimited visits each month to your ecommerce store however has different level pricing plans where your have to pay more for the most advanced features wheres Lead Dyno includes all their features with every plan.

What’s your preference with Refersion vs Leaddyno? Let us know in the comments below ­čÖé

Post Affiliate Pro Review & Pricing

PostAffilaitePro, based out of Bratislava, Slovakia, claims to be the #1 most reviewed and rated affiliate software and is certainly loved through the large number of testimonials.

It has a wide customer base, not focussing on targeting either SaaS or ecommerce companies, rather the whole market including service and lead based companies.

It integrates with iver 170 CMS, payment gateways and shopping carts and powers over 30,000 affiliate programs such as Lastpass, Onnit and SpyFu.

Installation takes just 30 seconds and free setup with a real human is included with all their plans. The software offers real time reporting.

Post Affiliate Pro in action

The software powers many of the software products I use and also promote as an affiliate such as Ninja Outreach. When you log you are greeted with a well laid out dashboard below which shows commissions, clicks & impressions and any news you want to push to your affiliates.

post affiliate pro dashboard

Under the Promotions tab in the side, you reach campaigns which offer banners and links, directlink URLs, ad channels an affiliate link protector (for cloaking) and reports.

The Reports tab gives your affiliates a detailed breakdown of their efforts to promote your product, offering both click through rate and sales conversion rate which is extremely valuable information that affiliates do not get in most other affiliate programs.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

Pricing starts from $97/m on their Pro plan for unlimited affiliates and 1M tracking requests a month.