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LeadDyno Review & Pricing

LeadDyno proclaims to be the “best affiliate marketing software” with “easy setup”. On the setup side it certainly integrates very well with the likes of Shopify, PayPal and Bigcommerce and even has one click integrations with wordpress. It even promotes a 3 minute setup:

However some ex-customers would vote differently. One is the website conversion software company Proof who wanted to move away from Lead Dyno to Partnerstack and had been working on getting every affiliate partner transferred before canceling their account.

For the past 6 months we’ve been trying to move Proof’s affiliate program off of LeadDyno to a much better solution, PartnerStack and they have made it quite difficult for us.
My team and I have worked diligently at getting every partner and commission transferred. This morning I woke up excited to finally press that cancel button.
Plot Twist: you think they are gonna let our 4000 affiliates switch without throwing some punches? I shouldn’t have given LeadDyno the benefit of the doubt.
No no… they sent this email **ON BEHALF OF US** to all our affiliates saying we are no longer crediting sales.

Austin Distel, CMO at Proof

Another SaaS customer of Lead Dyno was Leadfuze shown in the example below who have also moved, in their case over to FirstPromoter. Justin McGill is the founder and in charge of marketing and in his words:

I actually stopped LeadDyno and switched over to FirstPromoter because LeadDyno kept showing commissions owed even when the customer cancelled. Literally spend extra thousands on commissions that weren’t actually owed because it apparently it just does a recurring commission but doesn’t associate it to the Stripe. 

LeadDyno Affiliate Dashboard

Companies set up an “affiliate website” on a subdomain such as using the sales prospecting tool Leadfuze as an example below:

LeadDyno affiliate dashboard

Above is the dashboard affiliates log into. You are greeted with your affiliate link and easy to share social links which you can pre-populate. It shows how many friends have visited, signed up and purchased your product.

Under Marketing Materials you can upload your banner ads and other assets for affiliates to promote; under Newsletters you can keep your affiliates informed on new products or features that they can focus on promoting.

The SubIDs/Channels is powerful as means your affiliates can can create custom affiliate links that can point anywhere on your website, not just your homepage or sales page. This gives people the ability to soft sell by first linking to say a blog post and still getting commission if the person signs up.

Affiliates can also search for thousands of affiliate programs on the LeadDyno network at

Lead Dyno Pricing

LeadDyno offer a free 14 day trial and comes with three plans: Starter from $49/m, Biz Builder from $59/m and Accelerator from $79/m. Pricing plans are based on unique visitors to your website but come with unlimited affiliates.

Get Ambassador Review & Pricing

Get Ambassador is referral software I have used for many years myself as an affiliate. Previously the marketing automation tool used this software for their affiliate programme and I found it one of the easiest to use and navigate as an affiliate.

Previously every business would have their own login such as for Drip however Get Ambassador has a correctly gone down the path of Partner Stack where affiliates can access multiple programmes from within a single login as shown below for the graphic design as a service company Design Pickle which is the example this review will be using :

Get Ambassador affiliate software dashboard

Get Ambassador Dashboard

Once inside your affiliates are presented with an easy to use and understand dashboard showing you what they’ve earned to date and what is awaiting payout :

Get Ambassador affiliate dashboard

The stats tab shows clicks, referrals, revenue generated for your business and commission for the affiliate:

GetAmbassador affiliate stats dashboard

The Commissions tab shows the commission date, customer referred name and email (your affiliates get your customer’s email), revenue, commission and whether the transaction has been approved or was zero commission.

The Payouts tab shows the payout date, customer ID, payout amount, payout method you will want to use to pay affiliates (typically Paypal)and the status (whether paid or not).

The Assets tab is where you can upload your content assets that an help affiliates promote your online business such as adverts, banners, guidebooks and logos.

Get Ambassador Pricing

There are three plans for Ambassador software: Starter (for startups and small businesses), Professional (for mid-to-large size companies) and Enterprise (which can be white-labelled). Ambassador pricing for affiliates is actually not listed on the website where you need to schedule a demo however from googling it appears that Starter is in the region of  $800/m, professional is around $1500/m and Enterprise is of course custom by quote.