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PartnerStack Review & Pricing

PartnerStack (formerly GrowSumo) is a SaaS product for powering online referral programs used by major companies to grow their brand, as well as a marketplace for affiliate marketers to promote a wide range of great companies within one dashboard.

Partner Stack believes that the most powerful referral partners already live within a companies customer base. As such their software enables founders and marketers to recruit, train, engage, and reward their customers for promoting their brand, all within a no management required influencer program.

PartnerStack lets you create a fully customized, no management required influencer program that works for you and your influencers.

As a company, once you’ve invited your customers to your program, PartnerStack’s onboarding helps them start promoting your brand. you can create preset campaigns with custom rewards based on influencer activity.

The software quickly integrates with SaaS companies such as Evernote as well as ecommerce merchants through an awesome awesome shopify app.

The marketplace

PartnerStack lets marketers and influencers choose who they want to promote you and even enables them to grow their skillset and personal brand to achieve their goals. growsumo marketplace

The dashboard

Once you have selected the company you want to promote, you simply click on links and access your unique referral link:

growsumo dashboard

They also give you a range of assets that you can use to promote on your site or through social channels such as product shots of affiliate banners.

PartnerStack Pricing

Pricing for companies is from $500/m + 15% fee on partner payouts.

growsumo pricing

Book a demo with PartnerStack to see how it can transform your business.

Salescamp Review & Pricing

SalesCamp is a referral marketing SaaS tool by serial bootstrapping entrepreneur Craig Hewitt.

It’s a unique referral software platform as it enables online businesses to create both referral and affiliate programs that enable customers and affiliates to promote their business.

Customer referrals are often the highest converting traffic to your site and referral campaigns put word-of-mouth growth on steroids. Salescamp states that people referred by a friend are 4x more likely to buy.

Salescamp has a direct integration with Stripe which means that SaaS companies, ecommerce sites such as on Shopify, and information product businesses can easily track when a referral has resulted in a sale.

For those that do not take payments using stripe, you can simply track a purchase by entering a custom URL trigger:

Salescamp Review

After this you then have multiple reward options to best motivate customers or affiliates.

Salescamp Review

You have options from gift cards to cash to a custom reward and you can set the referrer amount as either a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount. These rewards can also be one time or recurring rewards.

The software generates a referral widget and signup form and a button you can install on your site or app that enables users to bring up their overlay at any point to enable them to monitor their progress and rewards.

Salescamp Review

You are then given just one line of tracking code to place on your site along with a referrer registration form URL.

Salescamp Pricing

Pricing plans start from just $39/m based on the number of referrers you have created in your referral programs.

The Salescamp customer support is excellent and quickly respond to any questions or issues during setup and throughout to make your referral campaigns a success.

Visit to book a demo.